City Council


City Council







Gary Schwichtenberg

Deanna Zea
Council Member

Larry Stoesz
Council Member

Wayne Nelson
Council Member

Harley Blackstad

Council Member

The elected and appointed officials who serve the community of Hanska are a dedicated group who put serving the public above all else.

Jared Petersen
City Attorney

Official Publication
Hanska Herald


City Administration

Kathy Grothem
City Clerk/Treasurer


Travis Tauer
Maintenance Supervisior


Daryl Mosenden
Municipal Liquor Store Manager


Library Director, Darlene Nelson

City of Hanska administration are here to serve your needs. Please email or call City Hall with any question about city services or planned improvement projects or 507-439-6246.

Library Board

Lisa Schwichtenberg, President
Board Members:

Ruth Wellmann, Tim Krajewski, Sharon Larson, Chris Fischer