City of Hanska

The City of Hanska is located in South Central Minnesota approximately one hundred miles southwest of the Twin Cities. Incorporated as a village in May 1901, Hanska celebrated a centennial in August of 2001. With all paved streets, a sanitary sewer system, and a municipal water system, Hanska has well-rounded infrastructure. This community has a strong Scandinavian background .  The community is proud of its one of a kind rosemalled water tower.


Hanska’s Stabbur is located in the south end of the city park. This structure is a replica of many such stabburs found in Norway. Stabburs were used to store grain and dried foods. To discourage rodents from entering the building, the stabburs were set on narrow piles of rocks or inverse cones of wood at each of its four corners. If the stabbur had a loft, it often housed hired help and could be used as a sleeping space for guests. Many of these structures still function in Norway today and used for all manner of things, including family museums.