Hanska Women of Today

Hanska Women of Today is one of over 80 chapters in the state of Minnesota. We are a nonprofit group of women in our community that come together to help improve our community and support the people in our community. Our chapter was founded in 1992, and currently has 14 active chapter members. We currently host events like Christmas in Hanska, Hanska Easter Egg Hunt, taco feeds. The Hanska Women of Today are always willing to host a fundraiser for any family in need, a family member simply needs to approach one of our active members. We are excited to be hosting some new events in the near future, one of the new events we recently hosted was a puzzle competition that has a great success. If you need to contact a Women of Today member please reach out to Renee Thordson, President, 507-276-6507 or Lisa Miller, 507-276-2775.