Council Minutes 1.9.23

Hanska City Council – Regular Meeting

January 9th, 2023

6pm – Hanska Community Center

Oath of Office

Mayor Daniel Vee

Council Member Ian Kjelshus

Council Member Lucas Larson

Regular meeting was called to order by Mayor Vee at 5.55pm. Members present: Vee, Geiger, Miller, Kjelshus, and Larson. Members absent: None

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Geiger moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Miller. Motion passed.

Open Citizen Comments: No citizens in attendance.

Geiger moved to approve minutes from December 12th 2022. Seconded by Kjelshus. Motion passed

Miller moved to approve City and Muni claims. Seconded by Geiger. Motion passed.

Muni- Clerk gave updates on MUNI. Eddy and his wife didn’t make it in December due to illness, they are planning on the 3rd week in January to look at the MUNI.

Library- Mayor Vee gave update. Wendy resigned from the library director position on 12.28.22. Roxy and Rhonda are filling in, Library is open Monday-Thursday 5 hours each day. There have been no applications for the director position. Spring Fling – Has been moved to April 29th 2023. Ann Grunert is working on a Grant from the REA.

Fire Department: Larson said Hanska Fire Dept appointed Mikale Gustafson as fire chief pending City Council approval. Geiger moved to approve Mikale Gustafson as Hanska Fire Chief. Seconded by Larson. Motion passed

Public works- Tauer has been spending a lot of time on snow removal, Paul Thordson has been helping with snow removal. Vee had placed Please Move Your Vehicle on several vehicles around town, all but one moved for snow removal. EDA apartment roof needs to be cleaned off, Vee said he would help Tauer.

City Clerk-

Miller moved to approve Resolution 2023-1 Stating Annual Designations. Seconded by Kjelshus. Motion passed. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the following designations shall be made for 2023:

1. The official newspaper of the City of Hanska shall be The Hanska Herald.

2. The primary depository of the City of Hanska shall be Alliance Bank.

3. The City Attorney for legal advising, litigation and prosecutions shall be Jared Peterson.

4. The Acting Mayor who shall preside and perform duties in the absence of the Mayor shall be Jason Geiger

5. The Acting Clerk/Treasurer who shall perform duties in the absence of the City Clerk/Treasurer shall be Lisa Miller

6. Liaison for the Library board shall­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ be­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Daniel Vee

7. Liaison for the Fire Department/Fire Relief Association shall be Lucas Larson

Kjelshus moved to approve Resolution 2023-2 Access to Bank Accounts. Seconded by Larson. Roll call conducted. All members voting yes. Motion passed

The City Council hereby decrees that only the following individuals shall have the authority to make withdrawals from, sign checks related to, or otherwise remove money from any checking, savings, or other account owned or controlled by the City of Hanska:

A. Mayor Daniel Vee;

B. Councilmember ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Jason Geiger

C. City Clerk-Treasurer Cinnamon Moldan

RVS emailed City Hall asking if the city could help get the word out the trash cans need to be put on the street due to new ALS truck not being able to fit in the alleys. RVS would like trash cans to be on street all year long. Clerk said they could put something on Facebook. Council said RVS should have contact info for their customers and let them know. Bolton and Menk is working on the survey for the land purchase from Hanska Coop and Sowers Sowers put buildings on city land. City Attorney is working on the land purchase between the City of Hanska and Hanska COOP parcel the city attorney is the attorney on record for the Hanska COOP, clerk will need to sign paperwork saying this is okay.

Council Comments: Vee talked to one of the landlords and they are working with their renters to clean up the property. Geiger brought up warming house and leaving it open all the time. After discussions council decided to open the warming house after Tauer puts cameras up and puts a cover over the thermostat. Bathrooms will remain locked. Larson brought a paint sample for EDA, new tenant would like to paint all walls a light Grey Color, they will cover the cost of paint. Council approved paint color.

Geiger made a motion to adjourn, Larson seconded, meeting was adjourned at 6:31pm.

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Attest: City Clerk, Cinnamon Moldan Mayor, Daniel Vee