Council Minutes 2.13.23

Hanska City Council – Regular Meeting

February 13th, 2023

6pm – Hanska Community Center

Regular meeting was called to order by Mayor Vee at 6:00pm. Members present: Vee, Geiger, Miller, Kjelshus, and Larson. Members absent: None

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Miller moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Geiger. Motion passed.

Open Citizen Comments: Herb Knutson was in attendance. Herb is the owner of 209 Pub & Grill and Kaiserhoff in New Ulm. Herb wanted to know what was going on with the MUNI, he is interested in the MUNI and scheduled a walkthrough on Wednesday February 15th at 10:00am. Herb thinks the value is only the cost of the building, equipment is with worth pennies on the dollar. If property appraisal is done could possibly split the cost.

Kjelshus moved to approve minutes from January 9th 2023. Seconded by Larson. Motion passed

Miller moved to approve City and Muni claims. Seconded by Geiger. Motion passed.

Muni- Clerk gave updates on MUNI. Last date of contact from Eddy was on 1/20/23 at that time Eddy didn’t give a date to look at the MUNI. Clerk said that Furth-Meile insurance was interested in the library building if the city would want to sell that and move the library into the MUNI building, there wasn’t much discussion after Herb Knutson showed interest in the MUNI.

Library- Mayor Vee gave update. Roof is leaking under the roof extension; Vee repaired the damaged sheetrock. Sheetrock is damaged again; Vee is talking to a contractor on the next steps. Contractor thinks the sheetrock should be removed to see where the water is coming in. Tauer said there is tin, insulation and tin. Tauer thinks if the sheetrock is removed you still won’t be able to see where the water is coming in. Revised bylaws were adopted, with a 5-person board 1,3,5-year terms. Becky Vee as president, Deanna Zea vice president and Anne Grunert as secretary treasurer. Amy Byro was interviewed for the Library Director position, interview went well Byro’s background check came back good and has accepted the job and will start after council approval.

Geiger moved to approve Amy Byro as Hanska Library Director. Seconded by Larson. Motion passed.

Fire Department: Larson gave update. HFD is looking into a grant for SCBA. Fire dept would need 16 packs, 25 masks plus 16 more bottles. If they received the grant, they would be required to replace the equipment again in 10 years. The cost to purchase the equipment is $100,000-125,000.00

Public works- Water main break on Viking Ave this caused two fire hydrants to crack, M&R Paving did the repair. City only has to pay for the hydrant parts not the repair cost.

City Clerk- Bolton and Menk completed the survey Sowers Sowers had put buildings on city land. City Attorney put together a letter to send to Sowers giving them the options to purchase the land from the City of Hanska. Council agreed on the price of $1500.00 to sell the city land to Sowers. Clerk will send letter and survey from Bolton and Menk.

Clerk is looking into bulk salt for the city and if this would save money. Company is Step Savor out of Morton, they would deliver to a bulk tank in the city. City wide clean up date was set for Thursday May 18th, Friday May 19th and Saturday May 20th. Hanska Repair has requested approval from the city to apply for a dealership license. Hanska Repair is purchasing semi-trucks repairing them and selling, a dealer’s license will help them with this process.

Geiger made a motion to allow Hanska Repair to have a dealer license. Seconded by Larson. Motion passed.

Geiger made a motion to adjourn, Kjelshus seconded, meeting was adjourned at 7:08pm.

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Attest: City Clerk, Cinnamon Moldan Mayor, Daniel Vee

EDA meeting was called to order by Mayor Vee at 7:09pm. Members present: Vee, Geiger, Miller, Kjelshus, and Larson. Members absent: None

The EDA meeting was to discuss a pet deposit and yearly inspections. Clerk brought up that the EDA allows pets for a $25.00 monthly fee, but no pet deposit is required. There has been damage in the past due to pets, the damage deposit didn’t come close to replacing all the carpet. After discussion council agreed to a $350.00 pet deposit. Council also discussed adding a yearly inspection to the lease, council agreed to add this to the lease to be done in June every year.

Kjelshus made a motion to adjourn, Larson seconded, meeting was adjourned at 7:18pm