Council Minutes 2.14.22

Hanska City Council – Regular Meeting

February 14, 2022

6pm – Hanska Community Center

Regular Meeting was called to order by Mayor Vee at 6:00pm. Members present: Vee, Geiger, Strom and Larson. Members absent: Miller

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Strom moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Geiger. Motion passed.

Landis Froehling – Wants to sell half of the building at 114 Broadway. Froehling will keep the 114 half and continue renting to the post office.

Strom moved to approve the sale of half of building. Seconded by Larson Motion passed.

Geiger moved to approve minutes from January 10th, 2022 meeting. Seconded by Larson. Motion passed.

Larson moved to approve City and Muni claims. Seconded by Strom. Motion passed.

Muni – Manager Melissa Grote was present. Ice machine has not been working since 1/29/22. Grote cleaned the machine and Travis Tauer cleaned out the lines, machine is still icing over.

Grote has been purchasing ice from Ampride. Grote called Midwest Refrigeration they can’t come for a couple of weeks. Grote will see if she can get ice delivery until an ice machine can be purchased. Artic Ice or Waterville Ice. Grote will get 3 estimates for ice machines. KNUJ is doing town interviews on February 18th. Muni will trade 3 pizzas for advertising. Grote got quotes for purchasing and leasing ATM’s. Purchase price $7,287.10-8,734.55, lease price $265.00-$285.00 per month plus maintenance contract. Geiger will talk to owner of Hermel Vending to see if they will bring an ATM back to MUNI. Hermel previously said no due to theft of last ATM. Turkey association would like to do BAR BINGO, City Clerk will check into if the MUNI can have two different gambling organizations. Becky Vee attended meeting to bring up entertainment at MUNI. Becky Vee brought up Wine/Beer tastings, Chill cook off. Vee made a motion to approve $500.00 a month for entertainment. Seconded by Strom. Motion passed.

Library – Spring Fling Craft Show is 4/23/2022. Taco Truck will be there, maybe donuts waiting on license info. Clerk is getting cost of MN Paddle Shirts to sell at Spring Fling. 100-125 in different sizes, more on the larger side. 4 boxes of books and history memorabilia were donated to library. Some items will be displayed at library, the rest will be stored at the community center.

Fire Dept – Ice Fishing contest has the biggest turnout. Purchased new jaws of life.

Public Works –5 AED boxes have been installed. Shop – bids for shop expansion are in. Haala 22×30 $29,000, 24×50 $37,000. Robert Fitter 22×36 $13,500, 24X50 $20,500. Clerk will look into if reserves can be used in 2022 for shop expansion or if it needs to be put on the 2023 budget.

City Clerk – Clerk brought quotes for security cameras for city warming house. Larson made motion to purchase Amcrest 4k security camera system. Second by Geiger. Clerk will talk to City Attorney about how to proceed with Strassburg. Clerk will check into petty cash.

Council tabled employee handbook until next meeting when there is a full council.

Larson made motion to adjourn at 7:23pm. Seconded by Geiger. Meeting adjourned.

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Attest: City Clerk, Cinnamon Moldan Mayor, Daniel Vee

EDA – Nelson wants City of Hanska to put in a walk-in shower. After discussion the City of Hanska will not pay for the installation of a walk-in shower.