Council Minutes 4.10.23

Hanska City Council – Regular Meeting

April 10th, 2023

6pm – Hanska Community Center

Regular meeting was called to order by Mayor Vee at 6:00pm. Members present: Vee, Geiger, Miller, Kjelshus, and Larson. Members absent: None

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Geiger moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Larson. Motion passed.

Open Citizen Comments: Steve Olson was in attendance. Olson purchased the lot at 400 4th St with the intention of building a shed. Council approved the building of a shed in 2022. Olson stated that he still intends to build a shed but it won’t be for a couple of years due to supplies and contractor issues. Olson would like approval to place two shipping containers on the property for two years to store building materials as he gets them. Olson said he would place the containers on a bed of rock, there would be no words on them they are newer clean containers. Clerk stated she had talked to the city attorney, attorney stated there are two city ordinances that would keep shipping containers from being placed within the City of Hanska. 71.08(D) and 92.19. Geiger said he didn’t see a reason to not allow Olson to place the containers as long as they are nice and kept up. Larson and Kjelshus went back and forth on allowing containers and setting a precedent that others can do the same. Miller stated that if containers are clean and good shape city could possibly allow them temporary. Council brought up that if he doesn’t remove the containers in two years how will the city get them removed, city attorney would have to get involved. Mayor Vee voiced his concerns about going against city ordinances and once you do this you have sent precedent and you can’t undo this. Council did agree that legally the city can say no to shipping containers being placed inside city limits. Clerk said that if council allowed the containers Olson will need a building permit. To get the permit he needs to mark the spot, Tauer will check the setbacks. If set backs are correct he could get a building permit. Council members agreed to allow shipping containers to be placed for two years on Olson’s lot at 400 4th St.

Kjelshus moved to approve minutes from March 13th, 2023. Seconded by Geiger. Motion passed

Larson moved to approve City and Muni claims. Seconded by Miller. Motion passed.

Muni- Clerk gave updates on MUNI. Paulson is working on his part of liquor license. Pioneer Bank called to get the abstract to finish the title work. The closing date has been pushed off a few days due to other delays. Sale should close the week of April 24th 2023.

Library- Vee gave update. Library has new hours for the month of April Mon, Wed, Thru, Fri 1-5pm and Tue 3-7pm. Amy is trying out different hours to see what works best with the community. Vee said he told Amy that come summer time she might want to add in morning hours. Amy has added a from for a person to fill out if they don’t like/agree with a book on the shelf. Amy also has added a child policy due to parents leaving small children at the library unsupervised.

Fire Department: Larson gave update. Just under $70,000 in FD checking account. FD is working on getting internet in the building NUVERA is saying they have to pay the business rate of 150.00 per month. Wellmann is trying to see if they can get a better rate. FD is getting 6 new radios and charging stations for $19,500. Mikale got a grant for $5,000.00 FD is paying the remaining cost. FD is looking into new SCBA’s for a cost of $140,000-$150,000.00. FD would pay ½ and want the other 3 entities to cover the rest, City of Hanska, Lake Hanska and Linden township.

Public works- Tauer has been working on alleys will start street sweeping next week. There is about 40 water meters left to install, with the winter season over these will get scheduled.

City Clerk- Clerk asked to set the Hanska Night Out date, date has been set for Tuesday August 22nd. Clerk will reserve two bounce houses and face painting. Women of Today might be able to help cover the cost of the meal. Clerk sent out 19 water shut offs; date is set for Wednesday April 19th. City Hall is moved, internet is set up and there is now guest Wi-Fi in the community center. City attorney is finishing up the Sowers land purchase, he had been working with Bolton and Menk on the setbacks.

Council Comments: Larson asked if the utility payment box will be moved to the new city hall location, Tauer will work on this. Vee and Geiger will be going around to homes with lots of junk and garbage in their yards and reminding them about spring cleanup.

Geiger made a motion to adjourn, Larson seconded, meeting was adjourned at 7:27pm.

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Attest: City Clerk, Cinnamon Moldan Mayor, Daniel Vee