Council Minutes 8.14.23

Hanska City Council – Regular Meeting

August 14th, 2023

6pm – Hanska Community Center

Regular meeting was called to order by Mayor Vee at 6:00pm. Members present Vee, Geiger, Miller, Kjelshus, and Larson. Members absent: None

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Geiger moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Miller. Motion passed.

Open Citizens Comments: 4 citizens in attendance Sagstetter’s, Rohlik and Hensch’s. Sagstetter’s own 103 W Blessum Parcel ID 00702400701011, they would like to purchase a small parcel of city property. A small portion of their shed is on city property they would also like to pave the driveway. Sagstetter’s had Bolton and Menk do a land survey and presented it to city council. Sagstetter’s asked council if they would be willing to give them the 0.03 acres of land? Sagstetter’s said if land is about $10,000 per acre and if you break it down 0.03 would cost $30.34. Sagstetter’s want to pave the drive way and would pave up to the city shop and Travis can drive and park on it, they asked if 3 inches of pavement would be enough for the tractor Travis said yes.

Larson made a motion to give Sagstetter’s the 0.03 acres of land. Geiger seconded the motion. Roll call was made, Larson Yes, Kjelshus Yes, Miller Yes, Geiger Yes motion passed.

Clerk will follow up with city attorney to get the land transfer started.

Hensch and Rohlik presented paperwork saying that city ordinances must be in the library, Mayor Vee said the clerk would look into it.

Kjelshus moved to approve minutes from July 10th meeting. Seconded by Geiger. Motion passed

Larson moved to approve City and Muni claims. Seconded by Kjelshus. Motion passed.

Muni – MUNI sale closed on Monday July 31st, clerk and Mayor Vee signed paperwork in Mankato. One of the air conditioners broke while city still owned it, Nilson fixed that, Paul’s Electric fixed the wiring for the AC, and a plumber fixed the leaking sink. Once these bills are paid the MUNI bank account can be closed and funds transferred to cities general account.

Library- Amy update. Open house is scheduled for Tuesday August 22nd to coincide with the Hanska Night Out. Spaghetti dinner is planned for Saturday October 7th at the community center. New patrons have been coming to the library, hours will be changed in September to add a couple of evenings. Amy will be attending the county commissioners meeting Monday August 28th to try and get more funding for the library.

Fire Department- Larson gave update. Checkbook balance is 54,347 invoices paid, REA 190.00, NUVERA 48.00, CRC 421 and Hanska C-Store 200.00. Fire Dept was at the Brown County Fair tractor pull. Concrete slab is done, cost of $16,995.00. The FD saved 38 hours of labor by removing the old slab themselves. Anderson gravel donated all the gravel. Larson asked if the city would split the $2976.00 MR Paving billing for the repair work in front of the fire hall. The FD does not want to ask all the entities to spit a small amount and would like save that for bigger ticket items. Council said yes to a 50/50 split. Larson is getting estimates for painting of the fire hall; Paint Boy can’t get to it until late 2024. Bill Thormodson estimates came in at $5,600 and can do the work this year, no decision has been made.

Public works- Tauer gave the update. Street sweeping is done, alleys will be started next week. EDA #4 is almost done, move in date is September 15th. Sign on Viking will be repaired. Wurtz is okay with the city using his driveway by the north shed.

City Clerk- City did not receive the Southern MN Small Town Cities grant for the community center. Clerk presented Encompass engineering reports for the community center and club house. League of Minnesota Cities Insurance is still denying the claim on the club house roof due to poor construction. LMC is covering the water damage inside the building, clerk is working with LMC adjuster and Netzke Construction to try can get the roof covered. It’s looking like LMC will cover the community center roof, not a 100% guarantee but a good chance. Trees will need to be trimmed up before roof and be done. LMC asked for more information on the tree and batters’ eye clean up, clerk sent that information. LMC is finding another engineer to look at the sewer ponds, there was water erosion after the May storm. Clerk gave update on Hanska Night Out, clerk got donations from restaurants and New Ulm Area Gymnastics to make a couple of door prizes. Lake Hanska Church would like to set up a table at Hanska Night Out, council said that is fine just ask them not to hand out ice cream so the business goes to the ice cream truck. Community Center was used for a wedding Saturday August 12th everything went well and they were very happy with the space. Clerk presented the 1st draft of the 2024 budget. Clerk said the library budget is done and is negative $4,480.20, the city would need to support this addition amount to keep the library open. Geiger said the city has been through this in the past with possibly closing the library, Geiger said to support the library, Miller said the library is good for the city, Larson and Kjelshus agreed. Council said to support the library for another year and see how it goes, library board and the community needs to get behind the library and get funding. Amy will check into other libraries and see how they get funding. Clerk said that if council gives the additional support this puts the city budget in the negative and would need to up the levy or cut capital amounts or other city programs, park and rec, flowers etc. Clerk said that when the city makes the budget there should be a list of items that need to be replaced and in how many years it needs to be replaced and divided that amount by the number of years and levy that amount each year. If the city cuts capital amounts that will hurt the city in the future. Clerk said no decision needs to be made today, please look over the budget and come to the September meeting ready to make a decision.

Geiger made a motion to approve an ordinance amending ordinance 30.11 fees and charges updated building permit fee schedule. Seconded by Larson. Roll call made: Larson Yes, Kjelshus Yes, Miller Yes, Geiger Yes motion passed.

Council – Vee asked about the bandstand it’s in rough shape and needs lots of repairs, roof will also need to be done in the next few years. Does the city keep putting money in take it down? Geiger said its one of the those that’s been part of the city, Larson said does the city just keep it don’t put any money into it and let it be? Vee also asked about the pergola that’s also in bad shape, does the city take it down and get a tent to use for city events? Vee and Tauer will look at it and see if they can make repairs. Vee said there is still some money in the business fund for the stabbur. Paint Boy will work on the bell tower on Thursday August 17th. Miller asked about the merry go round and if that can be repaired? Women of Today have some money they can use. Tauer said it’s not up to code anymore they need to be round.

Kjelshus made a motion to adjourn, Geiger seconded, meeting was adjourned at 7:21pm

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Attest: City Clerk, Cinnamon Moldan Mayor, Daniel Vee